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Tenant Qualification Standards

Processing your application will take us approximately 2-6 business days.

A Separate Rental Application must be completed by each person over 18 years or older who will reside on the property. All Application/Credit fees must be paid before application will be reviewed/processed. All pet applications must be provided at time of original application.

We will be screening your credit, income, ability to pay rent, verifying your employment and employment history, contacting former and current landlords. In addition, we will be running a criminal history and checking public records. By signing the Rental application, you have authorized us to contact such agencies and are authorizing them to release your information to us so that we may complete our screening process. We will not investigate or dispute matters on your behalf. We will not release information except as required by law. We can not hold a home while you dispute information that we have brought to your attention during our screening process. We use our standard systems and credit reporting agencies and do not use outside sources.


Tenant qualifications:

  1. You must see the inside of the property with our showing representative. We do not rent homes sight unseen.
  2. You must submit a separate application for each person over 18 intending to occupy the property. All applications must be complete and signed by the individual.
  3. Complete and sign a Personal Information Release Form allowing us to obtain personal information about your credit, criminal, rental and employment history.
  4. Pay your non-refundable Rental application screening fee: This fee is approximately $35 per applicant (application fees vary by property and are listed on line with each property) No Rental application will be processed without this application fee. You may pay this fee on line or by cashier’s check or money order. No cash payments or personal checks accepted. This is a non-refundable fee unless a prior applicant was approved or if the property is no longer available.
  5. Applicants must be of legal age: All tenant applicants must be a minimum of 18 years of age to enter into a valid lease agreement in California.
  6. Valid personal Photo Identification: a valid (non-expired), clear and readable photo identification must be presented at lease signing. No lease will be executed If we have not seen the applicant and verified identity (Driver’s license, military ID, state or Government ID or passport).
  7. Occupancy Maximums – We adhere to California Occupancy codes. The normal maximum occupancy is two persons per bedroom plus one additional occupant. Children under 2 years of age are not included in this count.
  8. Verifiable Residence History – we will be verifying residency for the past 24 months uninterrupted. Your rental verifications must reflect timely payment, appropriate notice to vacate, no complaints, no NSF Checks, no damage to rental units, and unit was left in clean condition upon vacating, no violence reported.
  9. A Credit Report – Part of your application fee will pay for a credit report. We require that you use our credit reporting service. All adult applicants who will be financially responsible for the lease or occupants on the lease must have their credit report ran. Any applicant with a history or an eviction or a landlord judgment for past due rent will be denied. We do not advertise a “standard credit score” on this website that we are looking for as we represent varying properties and owners and some of our clients set their own credit score standards. Credit score alone does not determine your eligibility for credit considerations. Applicants with any charge-off accounts, accounts placed for collection, late payment accounts, or bankruptcy within the past twenty-four months will be considered on a case by case basis, however such items on your credit report may result in a decline. Three (3) or more unpaid collections the past 24 months may result in denial of your application. Further consideration may be given for those applicants who have good employment and rental history. Elite may require a security deposit to be increased by not more than two times the rental amount for an unfurnished home, and not more than three times the rental amount for a furnished home.
  10. Verifiable Income: all income must be verifiable and legitimate. We are looking for income greater than or equal to 2.5 – 3 times your monthly rent, however your bills and monthly non-rent responsibilities may also be taken into consideration. Self Employed applicants may be requested to submit previous year’s tax returns, recent bank statements or other evidence of financial ability to pay. Applicants will also be asked to provide proof of income in the form of three months’ worth of recent paystubs or other income statements covering the last 6 months of income. Employment verifications will be done to make sure you are currently employed and that employment continuation is expected. Some employers use a third
    party employment verification company (i.i. The Work #). Third party companies charge additional fees, these fees are additional to any screening fees we may charge. If your company uses a 3rd party verifier we will contact you for further payment.
  11. Criminal History – no violent or repeat non-violent criminal conviction history or felonies will be considered.
  12. All Animals must be disclosed and a pet application provided with your application. (See our Pet Policy Addendum which must be signed by ALL people intending to lease regardless if they have a pet or not).

Miscellaneous Information:

  • Applications we will continue to accept and process applications until an application is approved. While applications are generally processed in the order received, applications received on the week-end or a holiday will be processed beginning the next working day. Incomplete applications, missing information or missing documentation may cause a delay in processing your application. You are responsible for providing a full package of information. .
  • If approved landlord must receive a signed lease with-in 5 days from acceptance of application or a holding deposit must be negotiated and fees paid. Leases must be signed electronically with in 2 days of electronic receipt. Leases may be e-signed for your convenience. All monies must be presented at time lease is signed by certified funds in person. (Monies include rent, security deposit, animal fees, keys deposits and other sums due and payable).
  • HOLDING DEPOSITS: We no longer take holding deposits to establish a priority in processing applications.
  • Security Deposits – a Security deposit will be due at the time of leasing and will be as advertised on line, unless other agreements have been reached. Unless noted on your lease agreement otherwise, security deposits will be held in a non-interest bearing trust account managed by Elite Property Management. In certain situations, at Elite’s discretion a higher security deposit may be accepted in lieu of acceptable credit or employment history.
  • Monthly Pet Rent: $35 per pet (see our pet policy) applies in most cases. We have Breed Restrictions so please review our Breed Restrictions.
  • Tenant Liability Insurance or Renters insurance –  We require all tenants to carry Renters Insurance or at the minimum they may pay an additional $9.50 monthly with their rent and we will purchase Tenant Liability Insurance to meet this requirement (Please read the information on the website regarding this).