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Tenant FAQs

  1. Do I have to see the property in person before completing an application?
    Yes,  we do not screen applicants until they have seen the home.
  2. How do I submit an application?
    You may submit an application on line at
  3. How long is the application process?
    Once 100% of the information is received by our office we can typically make a decision with-in 48 business hours.   Applications are not processed on the week-ends.
  4. What is the application fee?
    Our fee is $20 per applicant and this includes the credit report. It is non-refundable.
  5. Is the monthly rental price negotiable?
    Owners set the rental price and we do not have the authority to negotiate lower prices.   If a property has been on the rental market for an extended period of time we will certainly convey your request to our owner.
  6. Is the security deposit negotiable?
  7. When is my rental payment due?
    Your payment is due on the 1st day of the month and late any day there-after.   We have a 4 day grace period.
  8. Do you accept cash payments, personal checks, money orders, and cashier checks? Do you accept credit card payments?
    We take personal checks, money orders, cashiers check,  and credit cards (credit cards have a processing fee).  You are able to pay online and set up auto pay as well.   We do not take Cash at our offices or over the postal service,  however we offer you the option to pay cash through “Pay Near Me” which is a cash transaction network thru participating 7-11 stores.   You can pay in your neighborhood at 7-11 in cash and they will send the money to us (currently fee is around $3.00).   
  9. What happens when my payment is late? If I know I’m going to be late who should I contact?
    When your payment is late past your grace period you will receive a 3 day notice to pay rent or quit which is the first step in eviction.   Whenever you are late past your grace period you will be charged late fees (per your lease/rental contract).  However,  anytime you are going to be late on the rent we encourage you to call our office or email us through the website so that we can make the owner aware.   If you are communicating with us sometimes the owners will decide to hold off on posting the 3 day notice. Based on your history and communication each situation is evaluated and the owners make the final decisions.
  10. Is it possible to have the late fee waived?
    Typically we do not waive late fees.
  11. I mailed my rent payment before the due date. Why am I still being charged a late fee?
    We must receive the rent payment prior to the due date.   Rents mailed but not received are still late.
  12. I delivered my rent payment to your office over the weekend/ after hours. Why am I still being charged a late fee?
    Please check your lease for the acceptable hours and days that rent is accepted.   When you drop your rent outside of the hours/days listed on your lease,   the rent will be posted on the next business day which may make your rent late.
  13. I would like to add a roommate. What is the process?
    If your room-mate will be financially responsible they will be required to have their full application and credit ran and they will need to be approved by management and an addendum done to the lease.  We would screen them just like you were screened.   If the room-mate is not going to share financial responsibility in any way we would need to be notified that you are going to have another occupant in the home and we would need to approve this.   We have a mini application the room-mate will need to fill in.
  14. I would like to remove a roommate. What is the process?
    Removing a room-mate who shares financial responsibility may be a breach of your lease as it changes your qualifications.     We look at these situations on a case by case basis and will  need to re-evaluate your financial situation to see if you qualify for the payment without your room-mates financial contribution.   You would need to submit a request to our office in writing along with any financial compensating factors you would like us to review.    If we agree to remove the room-mate the lease would need  to be modified in writing.
  15. I want to add a new pet. What is the process?
    You will need to fill in a pet application and we would have to approve the pet and make sure it qualifies.  You will be charged a pet application fee of $25 per pet and a Monthly rent fee of $35 if the pet is accepted.
  16. I no longer have a pet.
    Please  email our office so that we may have the pet removed from the lease.
  17. Are visiting pets allowed at the property?
    No !   This is for insurance purposes
  18. Are pets required to be spayed or neutered and licensed?
    Yes –  dogs must be spayed/neutered and licensed and cats just spayed or neutered.
  19. Who do I contact for repairs? Does it change in an emergency/after hour situation?
    Please use our Tenant maintenance request on the Tenant portal for non-emergency repairs.   Otherwise please use the emergency after hours phone # listed on your lease agreement.
  20. If the owner is providing lawn and pool service will we be able to contact the service provider direct with any questions, concerns or requests?  
    Yes as they will be at your home when they service your pool or yard so you are able to see them in person,  however,  we prefer that problems or concerns with lawn and pool service are brought to the attention of the management company so that we can assist in handling disputes or issues.
  21. Are we able to install additional telephone lines and satellite dishes?
    You may install additional phone lines and satellite at your expense and as per Home Owners Association standards and community rules.   However,  you are responsible to return the home to its’ original condition and you may be charged for equipment left,  lines left that are unacceptable to management  and damage done by the phone lines/satellite installation.
  22. My lease is not up but I need to move. What is the process?  
    Your lease contains a breach of contract; early termination clause which states that tenant is responsible for lost rents, rental commissions, advertising expenses and painting costs necessary to ready Premises for re-rental and Landlord may with hold any such amounts from security deposit.   The process would be that you would need to give us notice (30 days or more) using the form provided on our website.  You are still entitled to a pre-move out walk thru.    We can discuss with you any costs associated with early termination of contract on a case by case basis.
  23. If my lease is up and I’m ready to move what steps do I have to take as the tenant?
    Approximately 1.5 months prior to the date your lease is up you will be contacted by our office to discuss the end of your lease.    We have a form on line as well that you may fill in  (30 day notice) to alert us that you will not be continuing your lease. You are entitled to a pre-move out inspection where-in we will review the condition of the home with you and advise you of security deposit deductions that you may want to remedy prior to move-out.  In addition there is a cleaning checklist on our website to help remind you of all the things we will be looking for at move out.   As a reminder,   keys, remotes, pool keys, mailbox keys,  HOA remotes and etc. must be returned as well.
  24. What is the process in getting a lease extended?
    Approximately 1.5 months prior to the end of your lease we will contact you to discuss renewal or move out.   If you decide to renew the lease we will handle the paperwork much like when you leased originally with contracts and addendums updated.
  25. Does your company use text along with email and phone for communication?
    We do not use text messaging to communicate as it is harder to document,  however,   when you place a call to our office and it goes to voicemail we will receive a text alerting us that you have called and what you have said.   Also,  when you email us through our website it goes to the property manager’s personal email on her phone.  Someone is available on call 24/7 for emergencies.